It's full of stars!

Finally! Merry Christmas me, have a 50″ plasma and a new home theatre setup!

The only thing ‘missing’ from most traditional setups is a BluRay player, which I don’t plan on getting any time in the near future. Allow me to illuminate why:

  1. I no longer collect DVDs. It’s one of my many hobbies that have fallen by the wayside, but this one was intentional. I have Netflix. Unlike music, movies I want to watch once ever couple of years, or months at the most. I can wait.
  2. The BluRay consortium is retarded. This is going to require a sub-list!
    1. Intentionally misspelling words is not cool when a 13-year-old script kiddie does it, and it’s not cool when you do it. BlueRay would have sold just as well and been just as easy to market, without making it look like you ate lead paint. When referring to BluRay among my friends I always intentionally misspell it even further. Something like BgryuuuFraaay.
    2. Speaking of which, CamelCase doesn’t make you 1337 either, but I’ll let that slide.
    3. I will not let slide that you apparently messed up when making the original BluRay Case Factory though. Yes, we all forget to measure twice and mass produce once sometimes. That doesn’t mean I’m okay with you selling me fucked up DVD cases.
  3. I have broadband. Netflix streams 720p. It’s only getting better.

So yeah, I’m waiting on BafdddddddddRaaaaaaaaag a bit.

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