So here we…wait, that's not my name

Disc golf season is in! Using my ‘personal enrichment’ money at work I bought a new Wizard, new Goblin, a first run Skeeter and a Z Wasp and I’m ready to go. Most importantly my back yard now often hosts a Skill Shot practice basket. I have to improve my game somewhere this year, and I still can’t drive worth shit, so…

Anyway, I’m really digging the house life. I posted some pictures on Facebook but my gallery abilities here at Jux are terrible in the newest versions of WordPress, unfortunately. I think I need to edit the theme to make them less terrible. I’m still unpacking and doing a few things, but you can browse this directory to look at photos or look at this terrible Facebook album. All the gallery software I’ve found for Jux itself is kind of bad and/or slow, so I guess I should look into Flikr or something by now…bah.

What else? I don’t know really. I feel like I’m being very closely monitored here lately, so I’m playing a low profile. I guess this really has become a blog this past year or so. Needs more features. I need more time and inclination. We’ll see. I feel the need for a whole-site refresh really. We’ve been static since February 2007. Jux 3.5 probably needs to be created.

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