Oh what a night.

Just locked myself out of my house with no cell phone and no keys, in pajama pants.
It’s almost understandable.
But still
Also, one neighbor, prick.
Other neighbors, nicest guys ever.
I think I’m going to shine my porchlight right in prick neighbor’s windows from now on
12:17 AM Laura: lol
how’d you get in?
12:20 AM me: Walked to prick neighbor, whose lights I could see from my back yard, where I was locked out.
Knocked on door, feeling awkward, since it was 11:40, but hey, his lights were on.
12:21 AM “Hi, I know it’s late, but I’m your neighbor from behind your house, and I seem to have locked myself out of my house (walked out on the back porch thinking I’d flipped the latch open but it only went about .75 of the way), can I borrow your phone for about 20 seconds?”
“Yeah, I don’t really know you, so I’m not opening up. Sorry.”
So, in my pajamas, I walked up the street to the next house I saw with lights on, on the opposite corner of the road from mine. Saw three college-age guys watching a Braves game right by the door. Knocked.
THEY opened up without even asking.
12:22 AM Laura: yeah. people suck.
me: Said “Hi, I’m your moron neighbor from across the street whose locked himself out of his house in his pajamas (direct quote), do you have a phone I could borrow for about twenty seconds?”
“Sure man, come inside!”
Introductions were made.
And so forth.
Laura: and now you have friend neighbors!
bring them jello
me: Fuck that I’m giving them beer money.
12:23 AM Laura: sweet.

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