(2:35:25 PM) Graeme Hefner: Who is Erin Andrews?
(2:35:56 PM) Billy Todd: wow I hate you so much
(2:36:26 PM) Billy Todd: You know about Sam Raimi’s station wagon but not Erin Andrews?
(2:36:32 PM) Graeme Hefner: I see. ESPN. The only thing I ever watch on ESPN is MMA Live.
(2:36:44 PM) Graeme Hefner: And that’s only ESPN online.
(2:36:59 PM) Graeme Hefner: Her existence is not even vaguely relevant to my interests in my life, which don’t include things that are boring.
(2:37:30 PM) Billy Todd: . . .
(2:37:32 PM) Billy Todd: Erin
(2:37:34 PM) Billy Todd: Andrews
(2:38:00 PM) Billy Todd: A GIS should make plain why this is epochal news
(2:38:34 PM) Graeme Hefner: She’s not bad looking, I just fail to understand why I was expected to know who she was 😉
(2:38:46 PM) Billy Todd: I dont watch ESPN either
(2:39:32 PM) Graeme Hefner: Then how did you know who she was?
(2:42:33 PM) Billy Todd: I am aware of many high-profile smoking hot females
(2:42:40 PM) Billy Todd: who’s primary product I do not consume
(2:42:54 PM) Billy Todd: example: musicians
(2:43:03 PM) Graeme Hefner: She’s not hot enough for me to know of her just because she’s hot.
(2:43:07 PM) Graeme Hefner: Like, say, this broad: Alizée
(2:43:10 PM) Billy Todd: That
(2:43:13 PM) Billy Todd: is why you fail
(2:43:20 PM) Billy Todd: EA is hotter than Alizee
(2:43:28 PM) Billy Todd: Alizee smokes
(2:43:41 PM) Billy Todd: I know she smokes because she is French
(2:43:41 PM) Graeme Hefner: Yeah probably, but she never got mentioned to me just for being attractive until this conversation
(2:43:57 PM) Graeme Hefner: Yeah, Alizee and I can never have a relationship because of that.
(2:44:05 PM) Graeme Hefner: Neither of them are my type.
(2:44:07 PM) Graeme Hefner: Not cute enough.
(2:44:22 PM) Billy Todd: sharp knees and all that
(2:44:27 PM) Graeme Hefner: No, you misunderstand.
(2:44:37 PM) Graeme Hefner: Cute is not meant to be synonymous with attractive there.
(2:44:47 PM) Billy Todd: no I know what you mean
(2:45:08 PM) Billy Todd: You are a Zooey Deschanel man
(2:45:42 PM) Graeme Hefner: Yeah.
(2:45:50 PM) Graeme Hefner: I’m “waiting for Evanna Lynch to be 18” style 😉
(2:46:07 PM) Billy Todd: hah
(2:46:16 PM) Graeme Hefner: Because it’s a paedophilic to even admit that people under 18 are attractive. It’d be wrong.
(2:46:23 PM) Billy Todd: your time is coming
(2:46:26 PM) Billy Todd: in about 3 weeks
(2:46:35 PM) Graeme Hefner: I’d give up Emma Watson for that one, maybe.
(2:46:42 PM) Billy Todd: whatever
(2:46:44 PM) Graeme Hefner: Only problem is she’s Welsh.
(2:46:52 PM) Billy Todd: Lynch is legal in Georgia
(2:47:02 PM) Graeme Hefner: Good enough for me.
(2:47:04 PM) Graeme Hefner: Still Welsh though.
(2:47:13 PM) Billy Todd: you can have sex with her, you just can take pictures of her naked

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