First structural change

Effective as of now my updates will now appear in the little “Pings” sidebar instead of as main content. This will make it seem like I have fewer posts going forward, but it also means that if I start making content posts again they won’t be buried under a mound of crap, so I think it’s a decent compromise.

The other major change is obviously the visuals, which I’m still working on, this time without writing my own theme from scratch.

On top of that, the forum is now gone. I’m not going to be taking it down but the old cross-post plugin has been disabled and standard blog comments are now the order of the day. I doubt I’ll get many, but if I do, they’ll work like normal from now on and not require a phpBB login. The days when this site was a “community” and such a thing made sense have passed into legend now, sadly, and so it must be this way.

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