2010 & 2011

Yes, it seems like everyone has to do one of these, doesn’t it?

I complain too much. We all know this is true, just like we all know complaining about things on the internet in hyperbolic language is awesome. Regardless of these facts, however, I thought it might be interesting if I actually talked about what I was grateful for in 2010. You know, just to throw people off guard. A lot of obnoxious bullshit and lingering injuries happened in 2010, yet despite them all I can’t help but think this was an awesome year. Why?

Nakama. Family.

I’ve been extremely grateful for my friends this previous year. Swell guys and gals such as Kenneth Knapke, Peter Rosconi, William Todd, Scott Hankinson, Kirsty Simmons, and many more have stood by me through all of this crap this year in their own way, and I’m never open enough with how much I appreciate it. Billy even went stupendously above and beyond when I was so physically broken I couldn’t make it to GP Nashville. So here it is guys, all bitter sarcasm cast aside: thank you.

My family does this for me every year, and I don’t thank them enough either. I’ve been blessed to grow up with a family that actually likes each other. Since it’s always been that way I sometimes forget what a treat that actually is, and I probably take it for granted sometimes. This year especially I’ve come to appreciate my sister, Erin, more. I’ve never looked down on her, exactly, but I am guilty of often being apathetic to her accomplishments in life. This year I’ve really noticed her becoming an honest-to-god human being in her own right. She’s not quite all grown up, but she’s getting there. I have a lot of respect for my sister, and you’ll almost never hear about it outside of this post, because I intend to go right back to giving her hell for every little thing she does. It’s my duty as her older brother.

Now then, 2011! Let’s roll!

This is the point where most people would talk about the resolutions they’re making for the new year. All joking aside, I actually do have a few this year, and they’re all within my power to keep. One of them, given the amount of work that’s gone into Jux over the past few weeks, should be readily obvious to anyone. My blog posts may be obnoxiously long and extremely stream-of-consciousness, but I actually enjoy writing them. They also encourage me to write in general, which is something I want to accomplish this year as well.

So, internet, here’s to 2011, and all of the rambling bullshit I will write to you during it! Huzzah!

One thought on “2010 & 2011

  1. I’m extremely grateful for my nephew, Graeme, who I love dearly. Sorry, that your hand is taking so long to heal. Hope there’s no more surgery in store for you. Glad that you are going to write more in 2011. I want to write more too, not just genealogy either. I want to read more to. I seem to have neglected that in the recent years. If it’s not to horrifying to have your old aunt do so, I’d like to read what you write. I find you interesting & insightful, you were that at a young age, but you didn’t talk much then. LOL! Happy New Year, I haven’t made any resolutions this year other than to enjoy life.


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