Skirt…? SKIRT!

At 12:28am my cat Skirt suddenly died. I’m not sure why. It seems like it was a heart attack or something similar. young.

She was sleeping on the floor in the bedroom and then kind of jumped in the air and fell on her back while I was reading in bed. When I called her she didn’t respond at all so I got out and checked on her and she seemed to be struggling to breathe. She made a few gagging noises with her eyes wide open and her tongue out and then just stopped…completely limp. I tried to bring her around but she was just gone, like that.

She was only 5, and healthy.

I wrapped her in a quilt because I’m not even sure what else to do. It’s the middle of the night. What can I do, really? She was dead before I could even think to call an emergency vet much less get her there.

I’ve lost pets before, even instantly to things like cars, but never in such a strange manner in the middle of the night.

Skirt 😦


Edit: Results are in. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and an undersized heart on top of it. She didn’t have long one way or another. 😦

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