A Small Quest

I’m not sure how many more posts I can make about my poor deceased cat, but I’m going to keep going until I stop thinking about it, so there.

Yesterday I made that Picasa album because it was the middle of the night and the house was really lonely. I noticed when I was doing it that there was one picture I could remember but just couldn’t find. I was sure it existed, though. Today, after I got back from watching Anderson Silva actually fight for once, I decided to find it.

I scoured all of my image directories: nothing. Suddenly I knew where it had to be, and woe…woe unto me.

I searched for the box I knew it to be in, and there it was: my old LG VX6100. Then I poured through the box some more…the DATA CABLE! I press the power button and the phone comes to life, reminding me how terrible the battery life on smart phones really is, since this phone hasn’t left a box in over three years and had a three-year-old battery that was half charged when it was put into the box in the first place. So, anyway, I start flipping through the images directory of the terrible digital camera and find quite a few gems I probably should have moved off, but finally there it is, the picture I remember. Skirt was, obviously, one of the most awesome cats around, but I think this was the only picture ever taken of this particular habit of hers:

Just Chillin'

She didn’t do that as much in her later years, and as far as I know this was the only time she did while a camera was available. It’s an awesome photo, though, and one I knew had to be found. All I had to do was find my old cell phone, find its data cable, find a driver, download bitpim, and connect all of the pieces in exactly the right order to make this happen. The order being: both cables, open bitpim, power on phone. Anything else wouldn’t work.

But, there you go. My cat wandering the house by laying across my shoulders.

One thought on “A Small Quest

  1. Yeah, Skirt was an awesome cat. And, apparently, an adorable kitten. It’s really awful going around after your cat dies, I remember what it’s like for the house to feel so empty. I’ve never seen a cat who would just go limp when you pick them up like that. You had her trained really well.


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