Why not just win another pre-release?

If you follow me on the various social networks I’m much more active on than I am on my blog, then you should know that I just won my second pre-release in a row, after taking 2 months off of Magic. That’s an actual two months off, mind you, where I played zero games and did nothing but grind League of Legends.

I guess I need to get my constructed skills back up to snuff.

I didn’t have quite as much to work with this time, so I had to actually play games and win them rather than just wait to take home packs, but it ended well. I lost exactly one game all day, but that was to Peter, so that’s alright.

[deck title=More Fair than it Used to Be]
*1 Adaptive Automaton
*1 Aegis Angel
*1 Assault Griffin
*2 Blood Ogre
*1 Bonebreaker Giant
*1 Goblin Piker
*1 Grand Abolisher
*2 Griffin Rider
*1 Griffin Sentinel
*1 Inferno Titan
*1 Stonehorn Dignitary
*1 Stormfront Pegasus
*1 Wall of Torches
[Spells and Equipment]
*1 Chandra’s Outrage
*1 Fireball
*1 Greatsword
*1 Incinerate
*1 Mighty Leap
*1 Pacifism
*1 Swiftfoot Boots
*1 Timely Reinforcements
[/Spells and Equipment]
*8 Mountain
*9 Plains
[Honorable Mentions]
*1 Celestial Purge
*1 Combust
[/Honorable Mentions]

I give some honorable mentions up there for a reason. I played against 5 black decks in a row to go undefeated, so I played as many games with Celestial Purge as I did without it. I never cast my Swiftfoot Boots once, but I sure as hell cast my Purge, including purging my own Mind Controlled Inferno Titan.

3 of the black decks also had green. The other two had either white or blue. Hellooooo combust!

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