A Tale 22 Years in the Making

I still have every video game console I’ve ever owned. I still play every video game console I’ve ever owned. What that means in 2023 is that I hook them up to a TV in my office using a RetroTINK 2X-Pro, one at a time, because my last CRT TV died in 2012 and I haven’t replaced it.yet?

The TV that died was the first TV I ever bought for myself, rather than inherited from my parents. It was 27″, but more importantly, it had a feature that was critically important to me at that exact point in time: two component video ports. In the brief period after TVs stopped being complete garbage but before HDTV (and then HDMI) were a thing, there was no way to get a sharper, more colorful picture than component video. Finally having the TV of my then-dreams created another problem for me: there were three devices that I wanted to hook up using component, and still only two ports. A component video switchbox? Not a thing in any real sense in 2001. One of my devices would have to suffer.

My choices:

  • The Nintendo GameCube? Hell no, this was, graphically, the best-looking of my devices. It had to be hooked up with component. Hilariously, it is because of this decision that I still own one of the most valuable things in my gaming collection.
  • My progressive-scan DVD player? Surely you jest.
  • My PlayStation 2? Well…hmm. If anything, component would make the jaggies look worse, wouldn’t it? 🤔

And thus my PlayStation 2 was connected to the TV with S-Video, and all was well in the world.

Decades passed.

The TV passed.

Here I am, converting S-Video to HDMI, for some reason. That’s a great choice for my SNES, my N64, and my PSX, but my PS2? My poor, innocent PS2? Yesterday, I hooked it up again to play through Persona 3 FES (for the first time!). Last night, I finally ordered PS2 component cables. Today, they are here.

The end.