Author and sons

The Jux Entente

A long time ago this was a real web page, updated once or more per day. By multiple people, even! At some point, it probably turned into a blog, because every website had to be a blog by about 2004 or so, unless it turned into a social media site somewhere around 2007. The aughts were hard to keep up with.

Those days are past us now, of course. For a bit I had all of my twitter posts being mirrored here as news updates, but then that integration broke and I didn’t bother to fix it. Then the custom theme we wrote way back in WordPress 2.0 stopped working, so I swapped in a theme that was reasonably close. Then that broke, but I didn’t fix it for over a year. And when I did fix it, I fixed it by installing the default WordPress theme and leaving it that way, abandoning the color scheme we’d used since 2002.

In 2016, I gave up, and replaced the main page with a static page. This one, more or less. All of the old posts were available only by search.

For 2018, I went even further: I stopped bothering with my own WordPress install and moved everything to For the first time ever, I removed content, as well; anything not written by me was flagged as private during the move, to make sure attribution of posts remained correct. Nothing is ever really gone on the internet, of course, but it’s another step into the dustbin of history.

I doubt any new content of note will appear here again, but it’s not impossible, so feel free to keep on checking. If you need me, I’ll be on the social medias of all types, and you can find me there. I’m sure I’ve hidden some links to my profiles here somewhere.

Until we meet again, strangers. Lovely to see you, as always.

Update for 2023: I’ve replaced the header image for the first time! My sons are no longer toddlers! Also, Mastodon.