For the past year or so, Campus …

For the past year or so, Campus Crusade for Christ has been using Chiller as the font on their fliers. At first I thought this was a mistake, but they keep doing it, which leads me to ponder a few things.

1) These people are revealing a little too much about their true motives.
2) Somehow, a mole has entered their organization, and is working overtime to bring down the evil empire of flierdom.
3) You have to be crazy to name anything having to do with Christianity a “crusade” nowadays. That’s either just stupid on their part, or, when taken in combination with their use of the Chiller font, reveals their true goals to continue the genocide of previous generations. Crusade = bad word.
4) I just now realized that Campus Crusade for Christ as the name acronym as Cick Crotch for Christ. They’re also just about equal in their level of sanity.

So…hurray for Chiller!

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