The Diary: Day Two

Sick? Fuck it.

Upon reaching the distant hills, I discovered to my surprise a creature a recognized, for he is known to be as old as the sea itself. This giant with eight legs was revealed to me for the first time in my previous life, and he looks the same as he ever did in this new world. I carefully approached him, weary from my journey but unable to wait to ask my questions.

“You were right to come young one, for I have seen much that you need to know,” the giant said. “I saw what happened to your home. It was destroyed. It collapsed in upon itself. Verily, it was a disheartening sight.”

“I have been through hardships myself. Much time has passed since the destruction of your people, and during that time I was placed on a high dais in the old world, to look over it and protect it from what harm may come. Then, one day, I noticed that more things were disappearing. The disease that claimed your people was spreading.”

“Finally, it came to me. It felt as if my entire body was shrinking, and all of the air was forced from my lungs. And then there was darkness. I, too, awakened in this strange new world, although for me that day is a distant memory. My pedestal was the same, and I could recognize some of the features of the new world, but there was much different, especially the deep blue sea that claimed all.”

“Despite its strangeness, this new world is much the same as the old. It is calm, and it is peaceful, and it is good.”

“I was there for the maelstrom that birthed your people in the old world. I remember it well, for that same storm ripped me from place in the heights of the world, and I was unable to regain my position until after the end of your people.”

“The same storm has ripped me from my dais yet again, and placed me here, on this island near your re-born home. I cannot explain it, but this time, I saw its origin.”

“Your home, your people, and a great many others that haven’t been seen since last your tree was erected, were swept down to this world on the waves of the great waterfall in the distance. The vigor of this storm has lifted me from my place at the top of the world, and a great many others have been displaced or have disappeared completely. I know not what the origins of this waterfall are, or what is at the top, because those sights have been hidden from me. But, should you travel to the end of this island, and venture to the next, I suspect you can find someone who can tell you the answers to those questions. Her home used to face the waterfall. I have never spoken to her personally, and I know not her name, but as I came to rest here I saw that she had been carried away in that direction. With luck, you can find her.”

I thanked the giant, and accepted a draught of his companion’s refreshing beverage (it turns out that he, too, had only recently awakened from the darkness), and set out to continue my journey. What will the morning bring?

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