It's been an exciting time latel…

It’s been an exciting time lately. Kenny’s moved back, after all, and such things resulting in partying ev-er-ee-day.

Meanwhile, I’m doing something very un-Graeme like. I’m freaking out and second guessing myself. Grad school is a terrifying thing, you know. There’s only one school in GA I really want to go to, and if I don’t get in there, I’ll have to go away. Go away to a good school of course, but still away.

Away in a year, after Kenny just moved down. It’s frustrating. Sure, it’s not like I’ll be gone forever. It’s not like I won’t come back a lot. But it’s still frustrating that there isn’t a single fucking decent history school in the state of my choice.

I really need to look into schools in the Carolinas and Florida, probably.

This venting courtesy of Discovery International.

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