On Survivor: Yes, we all know s…

On Survivor:

Yes, we all know survivor is my secret shame. It’s been posted here many a time, so let’s revel in it one more time before moving on.

Now then, I think this is the best season of Survivor in a long, long time. Yul is playing exactly as I would play if I was out there. He’s also the most honest person to ever play this game. Did you notice how he said, in front of everyone, that he could predict Jonathan? And then when someone confronted him on it, he said roughly: “Yes, that’s what I said, although not in the connotation you’re suggesting.” That’s honesty baby, and not the kind of bullshit honesty everyone else who has ever played this game has pretended to give a shit about. I also like how he tacitly admitted that he told them what he told The Boob Trio in the way he told them because of who they are. He might not like Jonathan, but that doesn’t mean shit.

A word on Jonathan: He may be an ass, but he’s playing a good game. A damn good game.

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