Would you eat this? I did.

Tonight I decided to make chili. No recipe. Just me, some ingredients, and an attempt at cooking. It was a big step for me, since only recently have I actually been cooking anything more than boxed dinners regularly…due to the departure of Vivian, who loved to cook. So I took the idea from my favorite kind of pizza (Jalapeno and Pineapple) and decided to make chili along the same lines.

Would you have eaten this?


I sure as hell did. It was delicious. Best chili ever. Ever! I’ll cut the pineapple smaller next time, and I’ll make a bigger batch because I won’t be as timid, but other than that it was 100% pure awesome. The only problem is that I added most of the ingredients by sight, rather than by measure, so I’ll have to tweak it each time to get the flavors just right. I’m fine with that.

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