Massive Crosspost of Doom: Save my Birthday!

Okay, so here’s the deal. Due to a wide variety of factors my birthday celebration planned for tomorrow has been reduced to just me and Kenny.

Anyone else out there in cyberland want to join in on the fun times? Current plans involve disc golf in the early afternoon for stupid fun, followed at some point by seeing Superbad and pointless goofing off at my place [which could lead to other types of stupid fun]. This will start early afternoon and go until “whenever.” You may join at any point.

If you would wish to participate and wish me a happy birthday, please contact me through any method you are currently aware of. Phone would be best. My cell number is the same as it has always been since I’ve had a cell phone. Email and IM also work, but may be more delayed, because I’ll probably be playing some Bioshock tonight.

If you’d like to tell me to fuck off, do that too. It’s almost the same as caring!

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