Kenny kicks ass at Jenga

Kenny, Travis and I played Catan twice tonight (I won both times) and darts (Travis ruled), but then we moved on to Jenga. I’m pretty good at Jenga. Kenny and I had the same strategy of deliberately making the bottom unstable to mess up other players. This means leaving just one brick on the bottom of the tower. Eventually we started joking about yanking that one out like the tablecloth under the dishes…and Kenny decided to try it.

We’ve often failed in the past to properly document (YouTube) our exploits, so this time I got the camera ready early. I knew he was going to attempt his first trick, but then Kenny pulled out something more awesome than even expected. And it’s all here, in video, for you.

The only problem is that while everything is perfectly clear in the original (MPEG2) DVD from the camera, I’ve transcoded it to MPEG4 thrice now and get slightly poppy audio on my own voice each time. Not sure about that. I’ll try to get a better copy at some point. Until then, enjoy!

Jenga Maxxx! (AVI)

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