Not worth a feature

As you probably know, Kenny, Travis and I have been playing disc golf regularly for almost a year now, and off and on since 2005. When we started last spring we were afraid it might be one of those things that we’d get really in to for awhile and then drop. Obviously, that is not the case at this point.

For a long time I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting better. Now I’m finally willing to accept that I am, it’s just so gradual I don’t really notice. I’m not one of those people who got the bug, went out, bought every piece of plastic they could and played daily for three months. I’d say we’ve averaged about 3 rounds a month for the warm months and about 1 a month for the winter. This is excluding the EPIX and the freak days where Kenny and I would play 36 holes.

Recently some things have obviously improved, though, and I’d like to talk about those.

First is the fact that I’ve switched back to a backhand since just before the EPIX because forehand was hurting my elbow too much. Now I barely do a forehand shot, and when I do it usually sucks compared to what I did before I learned to really backhand. Ditto my failures with hammer shots. But it’s made up for by the fact that I do backhands pretty well now.

Another thing that’s brought my improving skills to my attention: the last time times I’ve gone out, I’ve shot at least one hole on the course in two strokes.

Playing at Wills park last weekend really brought it home, however. We hadn’t played there since last May. My memories of that park involve a lot of floundering, water holes, and general failure. While I wouldn’t categorize what just happened as pretty, it was definitely a marked improvement. I could tell how I’d improved over the year just by the fact that (most) of my shots went where I expected them to.

So there you have it. I’m still terrible. I’ve still not shot an entire course on par or lower. But I do par holes quite often now. And I have shot individual holes under par. I’m finally feeling like I’m doing better.

Within a month I’ll be bitching about how I’m still not doing well, trust me.

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