My Own Summer of Magic: Prelude

It’s not secret that I’ve been working on a feature about my return to the world of Magic: the Gathering. The Glorious Hobby calls all of its children home at some point; some of us merely resist longer than others. What has been a secret is how hard it has been to put pen to paper. I don’t usually get writer’s block, but I’ve been stuck at the same point. And with each delay there is so much more to cover.

It all started with that bastard Billy Todd, Attorney At Law. Thirteen long years had passed since my last game of Magic when he, of all people, finally managed to bring me back into the fold. It was slow going at first, but since then, oh so much has happened.

I’ve won a Magic 2010 prerelease tournament, I’ve done well in many drafts and tournaments, I’ve bough booster boxes. A whole slew of people have fallen to the urges again. Our weekly meeting at Super Games for the Friday Night Magic tournament has expanded to where we command our own 8-person table. These are all things I want to tell you about.

But I can’t. For some reason, I can’t write it all out, at least as a narrative. So I’m moving my goalposts. I’m going to write mini-stories, slices of life, from these events. At this point I feel that it’s better to get something out than nothing at all. Much as my life story is told on Jux in various out-of-order snippets, so shall the story of my return to Magic be told, with much the same cast of characters.

We’ll see in a day or two if this is any more successful.

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