Driving in Atlanta

Having to drive in downtown Atlanta everyday, I’m used to people parking in the rightmost lane of a one way street with their flashers saying “fuck you!” to everyone else. When it’s a big truck you can see from far away, obviously unloading, I don’t mind that much. When it’s some pompous ass who doesn’t use his turn signal and just stops and turns on the flashers, I mind more. When I drive past and it’s just some idiot talking on his cellphone (can’t drive and talk! I’ll stop traffic and talk!) I mind a lot.

Today takes the cake however. One of the idiots above, a woman in a black Chevy SUV (probably a TrailBlazer), was parked on Gilmer street with her flashers on, talking on her phone. In front of the fucking parking deck driveway.

Who the hell thinks this is a good idea?

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