Well then.

Today pretty much sucked. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now, and the only people I could really talk to about it are completely unavailable. I could use Ars as surrogate friends, but this is one of the areas where Ars is completely useless as well. Oh well.

The actual events of today weren’t all bad. In fact, I had a lot of fun playing disc golf. Kenny and I shot 36 holes over at Roswell park, and both times I actually shot negative on the back nine [the first time I shot +10 on the front nine, the second time +3]. I ended up losing both games though. I’ve added a new Cheetah driver to my arsenal, which consists of a Goblin and a unnamed Disccraft disc in champion-style plastic that I use for driver shots where I’m afraid of permanently losing or damaging one of the discs I actually like. That one was a gift from Kenny. He picked up a Wolf today to add to his collection, and it really works for him. It’s like it knows what he’s thinking.

We’re slowly getting hardcore into this I think. Which is fine, because it’s cheap, fun, and exercise. Excellent. I still need much more practice so I can quit losing, but I’m definitely getting better. I’m to the point where [after warming up] I wouldn’t be afraid of distance driving at Oregon Park. For some reason I’ve discovered I’m much better throwing sidearm/forehand than I am with backhand shots. Kenny and I each have a signature move now, called the K-Hammer [Kammer] and G-Hammer [Jammer]. The last one has become Kenny’s favorite move after picking up the Wolf.

My dad kept calling me today while I was in Norcross/Roswell over some data that he lost when his harddrive died. It was kinda annoying, but I know how frustrating that can be. There really isn’t anything more I can do to that drive, however.

Now I need to go do laundry/shower like a motherfucker and figure out what else I need to do. Tomorrow is going to be bad. And the day after. Probably the day after, too.

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