TiVo is smarter than me

I’ve been reading books in the bedroom all day, and at one point I turned on the TV to add some background noise, thinking that Spike TV would be doing one of its daily CSI marathons. Only the channel was completely black. I thought it was weird, but that perhaps just that channel was out, so I turned the TV off and went back to reading. A few hours later I tried again with the same result, nothing but black.

So I just now came out into the living room and decided to check the digital box to see if it was just the analog channel that was out, because this is exactly the sort of thing that will bother me until I get a resolution. But as soon as I turned the TV on TiVo hits me with a message saying that it’s detected that the channel has been moved from 76 to 78. Damn you and your brilliance, TiVo.

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