Who's in Mexico?

First, playing scrabble with Samantha fucking sucks.

As the EPIX approaches I get more enthused for the whole thing. I’m going to have to play it mostly backhand so that I don’t rip my elbow out of whack or something, but everything should be okay. Given my team name I should be working out a more complex strategy than just wearing out my friends. Maybe I have and I’ve just not mentioned it yet. I can tell you that after my performances the last two times I’ve played, regardless of being distracted by Laura or not, my brain is going to be all I have. That is, unless the new XS and Wizard I ordered pull off some magic. Which they might.

I tried to write my first story-length fiction in a long time last night. It didn’t work out so well, but at the same time it accomplished something. The idea is a joke one I’m doing for Jux, and I think I was just taking the wrong approach. It certainly doesn’t feel like writer’s block. If I’m serious about shaking the rust off and doing this again I’m going to have to pull it off sometime this month, because November is going to be nothing but seminar papers. Again.

Hell, it beats December with all of its studying for comps, right?

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