Convivial Mass Murder

For the past few weeks we’ve been trying to get Worms Armageddon running with various areas of success. It sadly just doesn’t work well as a modern game. It runs, but it suffers from random graphical corruption and other strange issues that make it impossible to continue a match to its conclusion.

So, we looked for a free alternative. And yesterday, that lead us to Wormux. Wormux is fun in that it is so astoundingly terrible it is hilarious to play. It’s like a version of Worms submitted to the internet by Ms. Wilson’s seventh grade class. It is the Sorny to Worms’ Bravia line. If nothing else it will give you new respect for how hard Team 17’s job must have actually been back in the late 90s when they last wrote a decent new game.

This is not to disparage Wormux. It’s obviously trying, and we’ve had a lot of fun with it in the same way you might have a lot of fun with a B-movie. They have managed to incorporate one very important new innovation, too. Projectile tombstones! Upon death your mascot immediately transubstantiates into a grave marker in an exothermic reaction. Since this is not self-destruction as in Worms but rather an immediate change into another state of matter momentum is conserved; the results of this conversion can only be described as ‘hilarious.’

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